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Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) Steps

To practice Ardha Chandrasana in the right way, follow the steps given below:

1)- First of all, stand straight, then come in the posture of Trikonasana on your right side and place your left hand on the left side of your hip.

2)- Then after that, while inhaling your breath, slowly bend your right knee and while keeping your right hand in the forward direction, try to keep the same leg about 12 inches forward and it should be with the toes of your right foot. Keep it separate.

3)- Then while exhaling, move your right hand slightly to the ground or floor. Press the floor with your right hand. After this keep your right leg straight. During this, raise your left leg off the floor. Remember that, it is parallel to the ground.

4)- Now, try to keep your balance, don’t lock your right knee at that time. You have to keep your knee cap straight and it’s not facing in.

5)- Now turn your upper body towards your left, and slowly move your left hip part in a straight direction.

6)- After this, place your left hand on the left side of your hip and your head should be in a forward looking position.

7)- Keep in mind that you should maintain the weight of the whole body on the leg on which you are standing.

8)- You can press the floor with your lower hand or take a support with your hand which will help you to regain balance.

9)- Ensure you  firmly push the scapulas and sacrum against the torso of your middle.

10)- Stay in this posture for a few seconds. After this, keep your left foot down on the floor and come to your starting position. Repeat the same process on the opposite side.

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