Indie Lee Hints Range Review, From mbg Beauty Editors

I’ve been testing the full line for about three weeks, along with mbg’s beauty director Alexandra Engler, and let me just say: It’s an absolute dream for no-makeup days. 

You know those mornings when you look puffy and inflamed but groan at the thought of tapping on concealer or coating on mascara? (Yes, playing with makeup is part of my job, but sometimes I do crave a fresh face!) After massaging in the SPF primer, tapping the Color Balancer on irritated areas, and swiping the Hydrastick across my cheekbones, forehead, and tip of my nose, I have a dewy, even complexion that looks totally natural—without a stitch of makeup. 

I don’t usually love oily sunscreen formulas since they tend to feel heavy on my combination skin. So I’ll be honest: The vitamin E oil gave me pause, as it tends to be pretty thick. But rest assured, this serum maintains a thin consistency; it truly feels like applying a protective veil of moisture. 

And the Hydrastick certainly lives up to its name: It immediately quenches dry areas and even provides an instant cooling effect. I also have warm undertones in my skin, so I adore the slight golden tint—it gives my cheekbones the prettiest shine. 

But if we had to pick a favorite of the bunch, both Engler and I are enamored by the Color Balancer. “The Color Balancer has quickly skyrocketed to become a nonnegotiable for me,” she gushes. “As someone with mild to moderate rosacea, I deal with a lot of redness from weather, sun exposure, foods, and alcohol. As a chronic condition, I’m always looking for management help (as you can’t treat it entirely). Mostly this involves lifestyle changes, calming topicals, and when an unavoidable flare-up happens, makeup. And now this product. The green-tinted cream color-corrects as I blend it in to help ease my ruddy complexion, while the centella asiatica (sometimes called “tiger grass”) and lutea root extract get to work soothing the skin and providing a boost of antioxidant protection.” 

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